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Welcome to Geetha Matriculation Higher Secondary School

Progressive Education for Good Quality Life


About Us

  • Geetha Matriculation Higher Secondary School is a modest school catering to the low income community in Saidapet, Chennai on a non-profit basis and run by a charitable Trust registered under Sec 12A and 80G with no aid from the Government or any other agency.

  • The objective is to provide the best possible quality of education at affordable cost to the community. The endeavour has been to go beyond the conventional rote based learning system and nurturing the students' abilities to think, understand and express themselves. 

  • The school sees education as a means to prepare oneself for long term all-round well-being in life (physical, emotional, financial, etc) and be responsible citizens, and not just get short term good results in exams or even just to get a good job. 

  • The ultimate goal is to create a model school that delivers on meaningful effective education cost-effectively with minimum infrastructure and technology.


Our Story

The School was started in 1975 as a nursery school. It became a full fledged higher secondary school in 1988. 

The school currently has around 600 students from Pre-KG to Std 12, most of them from very low income backgrounds and many of them are first generation into education. The medium of instruction is English.

Syllabus prescribed by the Matriculation Board of the Government of Tamil Nadu


Mission Statement

At Geetha Matriculation Higher Secondary School, our mission is

  • Delivering Quality Education using progressive methods at reasonable costs

  • Catering to the education needs of the community for a better tomorrow

  • Enhancing value for teachers and their contribution to society


Our Philosophy

  • Purpose of education is for personal success and well-being in life.

  • Knowing information is no longer valuable. Understanding and applying are what matters.

  • Knowledge generation ability more important than understanding information

  • Skills are more important than qualifications for a good career. 

  • Thinking and Learning skills are the most useful skills for life.

  • Responsibility and Communication are core essentials for a successful life


Our Principles

  • Context of education as the well-being of the individual & the world and to be a responsible citizen

  • Overall Development for complete education – not only academic 

  • Fear-free environment of freedom for effective learning and full self-expression 

  • Respect and Responsibility for oneself, others and environment

  • Zero discrimination based on religion, community, gender or economic status

  • Gender Neutrality in all aspects of the school functioning


Why study at Geetha

Reasonable fees

Lowest possible for the activities and facilities

No Donation

Only the required fees is payable through bank

Child-centered learning

Allows learning to happen based on the child

Life skills development

21st century skills to deal with life's challenges

Communication skill development

The most important skill in all aspects of life


“You cannot open a book without learning something.”



Contact Us

34, Seshachala Street, Saidapet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600015, India

9444248273, 24358273